Commvault and Lenovo Redefine Enterprise Data Recovery and Backup Solutions

Sourced from Europa EU.

Commvault has unveiled robust backup and recovery solutions for enterprises, powered by Lenovo technology.

These solutions provide IT teams with unified data management, ensuring flexibility, reliability, superior performance at scale, cost-effectiveness, and quicker value realization.

“Innovation through collaboration has always been at the heart of Commvault. Partnering with Lenovo propels us further into a future where enterprises can safely say their data is secured, protected, and recoverable,” said Alan Atkinson, Chief Partner Officer, Commvault. “This partnership stands as a testament to both companies’ commitment to supporting global enterprises in navigating the multifaceted challenges posed by today’s data-driven business landscape.”

Brian Connors, Vice President and General Manager, Software & Business Development at Lenovo, stressed the significance of data safety, accessibility, and recoverability in today’s fast-paced, data-driven business environment.

Commvault’s software is known for its comprehensive cloud-native integrations and support for various applications, databases, and infrastructures. Gartner has consistently recognized Commvault as a leader in Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions, with high rankings in various use cases.