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Get to Your Interview for Free: Metropolitan & Uber’s Program

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In South Africa, youth unemployment is still a major problem, and the current state of the economy presents significant challenges.

According to Stats SA, the youth unemployment rate (for those between the ages of 15 and 34) shot up to 45.5% in the first quarter of 2023, a rise of 1.3% from the previous quarter. Compared to people 45–54, this prevalence is twice as high. Only 9.2% of young people in the critical 20–34 age range engage in entrepreneurship, underscoring the formidable obstacles that aspiring young business owners and job seekers must overcome.

Furthermore, the high costs of job searching, mostly because of significant transportation expenditures, make poverty worse for a lot of households that are already struggling and frequently live far from prospects for employment.

Job Seekers initiative

The Job Seekers initiative, headed by Metropolitan, has partnered with Uber to address these issues and assist young people in their search for work. During the months of June and July, youth attending job interviews, training sessions, induction programs, or any other appointments pertinent to finding work can receive 500 free Uber rides as vouchers. Ages 18 to 35 in South Africa can use this service anywhere in the country.

“Metropolitan Collective Shapers supports young people, whether they’re seeking employment opportunities or building their businesses. We are dedicated to empowering youth to navigate the challenges of today’s economy. This year, over 500 job seekers and 50 entrepreneurs will benefit directly from this program,” says James Boulton, Head of Brand at Metropolitan.

MCS offers necessary resources to mitigate the difficulties caused by South Africa’s harsh economic climate, characterized by high youth unemployment rates and the challenges of launching and maintaining small enterprises, as well as finding work.

Those that meet the requirements can seek to benefit from the Uber and MCS relationship by filling out an online form that is posted on social media. The applicant’s eligible mobile phone number will receive the Uber coupon after it has been validated, which may be redeemed through the Uber App. The value of each voucher is limited to a specific amount for a round-trip and will be allocated based on the order in which they are received. During the campaign period, candidates may submit more than one application as long as they can provide documentation of their employment interviews.

Individuals and organizations passionate about fostering positive change are encouraged to engage with Metropolitan Collective Shapers and support the journey of South Africa’s young entrepreneurs and job seekers as the organization continues its mission to empower youth and drive community development.

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