SA companies encouraged to look for tech solutions locally

May 4, 2009 • Enterprise IT

sa_flag.jpgIn the current economic downturn and with frequentforeign exchange rate fluctuations raising the cost of international technologies by 25% and more, South African companies may see locally developed products as an attractive, logical solution.

According Kgabo Badimo, MD at Spescom DataVoice, there are pros and cons to this approach to technology strategy. Says Badimo: “There is little government support for the development of local technologies so ‘growing’ a product requires considerable commitment. However, in select ICT niches, South African technology companies are achieving the product quality and high technological standards of international vendors. In these instances, making use of home grown technology makes financial sense for local organisations. However, there are other significant advantages to be had.

“There is a distinct appreciation for the fact that if a product is local, customisation of the product to suit a company’s unique needs is easier and faster. Speedy, superior in-country support is also a clear advantage. Rand based pricing means acquisition costs are not affected by currency fluctuations. In addition, local products are developed to meet unique local requirements, such as our infrastructure limitations, and local legislation,”

“Organisations will find that these technology products generally compare very favourably with similar internationally recognised solutions in terms of price and often the features of the product exceed those of the imported products.”

Spescom DataVoice designs and develops proprietary solutions that record, manage, re-create and analyse voice transactions, enhancing the process of communication between organisations and their customers and assisting them to mitigate risk, optimise workforce productivity, improve performance and ensure quality customer interactions.

Spescom has delivered a number of world firsts, including the world’s first digital voice recorder, Voice over IP recorder, installed speaker verification system and, in 2008, the release of Libra Mobile, the first unified mobile and fixed line recording solution.



One Response to SA companies encouraged to look for tech solutions locally

  1. Mark says:

    Trying to source locally for “me too” products might produce some short term benefits but often lack the vision and innovation resulting in increased changeover costs in the longer term – Innovation is the engine of growth and wealth creation.

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