Econet introduces Zimbabwean scholarship fund

March 24, 2009 • Mobile and Telecoms, People

Econet_founder_Strive_Masiyiwa.jpgEconet, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile service network provider, has established a pan-African scholarship fund for academically gifted Zimbabweans to pursue high tertiary studies.

The Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund (JNSF), named after one of the Southern African country’s founding fathers, has been created to support education at local secondary schools and universities.

Econet founder, Strive Masiyiwa, said the initiative was in honour of the late former vice president. Joshua Nkomo was also instrumental in supporting the creation of Econet.

Says Mr Masiyiwa: “I would have wanted to honour him even if he had not spoken out in support of us. This was a great man and we want future generations of leaders in Africa to remember his contribution,”

The fund will be autonomous, reporting to a general manager and board of trustees, and it is anticipated that the fund will extend grant beyond Zimbabwe’s borders to other countries where Econet has a presence, in the future.



28 Responses to Econet introduces Zimbabwean scholarship fund

  1. Clement says:

    This is a good development for Zim. Kudos to Econet.

  2. Pasi says:

    This is a good idea form Econet but how do people access the fund.

  3. I need this for my daughter who completed ‘A’ Levels, can I have more details on accessing the fund. i am a widow but can meet some of the fees if required to do so.

  4. nyenge says:

    my cousin brother completed his A-levels in 2007 and has been sitting at home upto now because there are no available funds for him to continue.he is a really dedicated student ,how can he get hold of this scholarship?

  5. Victor Mulangisi says:

    I am a published writer and would like to further studies in journalism at degree level. I write on health esp TB and AIDS



  7. Nation Malaba says:

    This is a positive step which shows that Nkomo’s spirit is living. Hats off to Strive join ZAPU now and lead Zimbabwe to its true vision. I am sure Dabengwa and Nziramasanga are waiting for you come along with Mthuli we need you.


    What if one is interested in the well being of Zimbabwe’s well being and to get a scholership and contreibute to the well being of the Zimbabwe’s economy .???

  9. Mduduzi ka Mbabane says:

    This is a good and positive development for the name of our late Hero,he deserves this, no one can doubt it. Hats off to the initiators of the fund, may the Lord richly bless you all, especially Strive

  10. tinashe chinenyanga says:

    keep on supporting disadvantaged children but also cater for rural children

  11. Otilia Kakunguwo says:

    How can apply. I am a 3rd year LLB student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa, widowed with two children. Am I eligible am 45 years old. Would also like to apply for my son who finished his A levels last year.

  12. zaryl says:

    you are doing an exceptional job.i am doing my a levels and am in need of funding to pursue a degree in LAW(LLB).I am in desparate need to be financed to study in south africa,i already have a place in one university,please help.

  13. 0mara mwembe says:

    first of all i commend u for this great step u have taken to uplift the nation.ialso would like to be under this scholarship for the coming year(2010).wat are the requirements and the procedures for applying for this schorlarship?your responce will be greatly appreciated

  14. Sibongile Munzara says:

    would like to access the fund for my daughter. she had 20 points at A level cambridge. she is currently in her 1 st year at rhodes but I am unable to pay for her fees . kindly consider her for you scholarship programe. she is a dedicated student who had 7 a’s and 1B at O level, and passed her 1st semester exams at Rhodes.

    Mrs Munzara

  15. Everjoy Tayengwa says:

    I am a Zimbabwean girl aged 17 and completed my ‘O’ Level in 2008 at St Dominics Chishawasha. I obtained 9As and 2Bs but could not further go to school this year because of finances. Please help me how do I apply for scholarships and where to get them especially the Econet one. Am desperately in need

  16. Jororo Nde says:

    Well done. Forward with education.

  17. Richard Nhire says:

    Much credit is given to you Mr Masiwa for undertaking social responsibility. l am a student at Midlands State University doing Marketing Management but currently am facing financial problems in my studies especially in paying my fees like now am on attarchment but l have a balance for last semester. l tried cadatship but nothing work out. l will be grateful to be pattern parcel of this scheme. May God bless you and all your assets

  18. busiso tshuma says:

    i am a 17 year old boy in my a”levels and i need help to go to university,i want to study do i apply for a scholarship?i got 4 As,2 Bs and 5 Cs in my o”levels and i am financialy disadvantaged.

  19. mwoyongewenyu blessing says:

    truly inspired to change people’s lives. thanks a million.

  20. Kachingwe Shaun says:

    This is a life long wish we had been waiting for and would really wan’t to compliment Econet for their contribution to the Zimbabwean community. I would be very,very, grateful if this opportunity was granted to me, also being an O-level student wanting to achieve great heights currently as St. Ignatius college(Chishawasha).Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  21. Patience Chaire says:

    More thanks to Econet for the wonderful work and help it has offered to countless people. May God bless Econet abundantly.

  22. shepherd dzimiro says:

    this is a very good thing that econet is doing ……………but what we realy want to know is how to get read of this scholoarship ….but i say may God bless you Mr masiyiwa for what you are doing

  23. i would like to express my sincere thanks to econet for such a good thing it has done. many thanks to you econet please keep this standard up………………………………………………

  24. Assurance, Namatai Mtisi says:

    We thank you for your assistance to us “in such a time as this”

  25. masocha valerie says:

    econet is doing a great job,thank you for making our lives easier

  26. Japhet Zwana says:

    The JNSF is a feat whose time has certainly come. Hats off to Mr. Masiyiwa, Econet and the Trustees.

  27. Well, well , econet our hero, not only interms of network but also in financial aid programes, thanks to mr masiyiwa, the founder.

  28. Thank you Econet and Mr Masiyiwa you are A Wise Master Builder.

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