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New to Gaming? Find the Right Laptop for You

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Every day, thousands of people become fearless warriors, cunning detectives, or legendary heroes. Some join their friends in online matches, others solve brain-bending puzzles, and many manage a motley crew of characters through epic sagas. They fight monsters, aliens, and enemy armies, explore dungeons and haunted houses, or dive down to hostile planets. And a few just want to relax and decorate a virtual room.

The Predator Helios 300 (PH315-55) is a powerful gaming laptop equipped with a host of top-tier hardware.

Gaming laptops have become one of the best ways to enjoy games, allowing you to take your adventures with you. They also help with other activities like content creation or work. “A gaming laptop gives you the freedom to go where you want and take a powerful technology companion with you,”

Not every gamer needs to be at the cutting edge of the latest titles, engines, and graphics. Many want a portable system that can do other things but don’t want to be left behind. They expect good visuals, responsive speeds, and longevity.

Bennie Budler, Acer Africa’s Consumer Business Manager, provides 6 guidelines on selecting the perfect gaming laptop to meet your gaming and other needs:

The Busy Professional

You enjoyed playing games, but other responsibilities have gradually drawn you away. Now, with more time and a yearning to indulge in the latest games, you want to relax and share some moments with friends. You could be interested in a wide variety of games and don’t have an outright preference between single and multiplayer experiences. What really matters is that you can play a game you like when you have a chance.

The Casual Gamer

Being called a casual gamer used to be insulting. But today, many gamers enjoy more easy-going experiences where winning isn’t everything. If you prefer cosy, less demanding titles like adventure games, farming sims, and puzzles, and lean more towards single-player relaxation than multiplayer action, you still expect a good gaming laptop.

The Student and Entertainment

Fan Games are a part of your lifestyle, but you’re on a budget and need a laptop that can also handle tasks like studying while listening to music or watching a movie. Your best option is an inexpensive laptop with the right hardware for great gaming experiences, a stunning display, and decent built-in speakers for clear audio.

For top-tier gamers, only the best will do. These gamers take their activity very seriously and socialize with others who are equally serious about performance, cutting-edge graphics, and response speeds.

The Socialite: For you, gaming is a great way to meet new people and hang out with friends. You want to play online and travel to LAN events. You primarily play multiplayer games, from aggressive first-person shooters to collaborative adventure and role-playing games.

The Content Creator: You want to create images and videos, make memes for gaming communities, and stream your gameplay sessions online. You need a laptop that makes gaming graphics pop out and handles the heavy lifting involved with streaming and editing.

The Aspirant Pro and Hardcore Gamer: You need a serious gaming kit that won’t compromise. You likely have owned gaming PCs before and now need a real upgrade to a machine with the best hardware, software to tweak performance, customizable keycaps, fast connectivity, and a large display.

With the right gaming laptop, every day can be an adventure, whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore gamer.

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