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How To Buy Gift Cards on Cardtonic

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We’re currently undergoing a phase of discomfort and inconvenience in the country. There’s barely any cash in circulation and it is also impossible to pay for international goods or services with your Naira card. This makes you think, should you just adapt to the situation or find a solution to make your life easier?

Thankfully, the best gift card trading site in Nigeria, Cardtonic announced that they are now selling both local and international gift cards on their platform. Meaning you can now buy gift cards in Nigeria with ease and also at very affordable rates.

It’s very important to buy your gift cards from a trusted platform. Lack of research or the urge to buy items extremely cheap can cost you in the long run. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Dangers of Buying Gift Cards On Just Any Platform

The common dangers you can face when you buy your gift cards on just any platform includes, buying fake gift cards, buying at exorbitant rates, and encountering gift card scavengers.

  1. Fake Gift Cards: With little to no background check of a gift card platform, there’s a possibility you can buy the fake version of this digital asset and not even realize it until you try and redeem it.
  2. High Prices: Due to a lack of research, you can stumble on a platform that sells gift cards for very high rates and have no choice but to buy them. It is commonly believed that because they are international gift cards, they have to be expensive. However, when you buy on Cardtonic, you see that the reverse is the case.
  3. Gift Card Scavengers: You are also likely to lose your money if you buy from an untrusted platform, they can just decide to ghost you after you’ve made payment.
  4. Delayed Delivery: Some of these gift card platforms do not have digital assets in storage. They wait until you purchase from them before placing the order. This method saves them from having to invest heavily in these digital assets. However, it negatively affects you as the consumer because you have to wait for a longer period before getting your items.

What is Cardtonic?

Cardtonic is a modern gift card exchange platform that helps creates an avenue for individuals to buy all types of gift cards at very affordable rates.

On Cardtonic, you are given a wide selection of choices to choose from and the platform is popularly commended for being easy to navigate.

Unlike hypermarkets, where they sell almost everything, or tech companies that sell various tech devices including gift cards, This is Cardtonic’s major line of operation. So not only are you highly likely to see the gift card of your choice but also receive perfect customer support if and when needed.

Types Of Gift Cards You Can Buy On Cardtonic

There are tons of gift cards you can buy on Cardtonic. Regardless of the form, country, and amount. However, the most popular brands include;

  • Buy Amazon gift card,
  • Buy Steam gift card,
  • Buy Google Play Gift card,
  • Buy Apple iTunes Gift card,
  • Buy eBay gift card,
  • Buy Walmart gift card,
  • Buy Sephora gift card,
  • Buy OneVanilla gift card,
  • Buy Nordstrom gift card,
  • Buy Target gift card,
  • Buy Nike gift card,
  • Buy Macy gift card,
  • Buy Gamestop gift card,
  • Buy Xbox gift card,
  • Buy Vanilla gift card,
  • Buy American Express (AMEX) gift card,
  • Buy Foot Locker gift card,
  • Buy Visa gift card,
  • Buy Play Station gift card.

How to Buy Gift Cards on Cardtonic

To buy gift cards on Cardtonic, you would need to open your Cardtonic application, tap the buy gift cards section, select your gift card country, pick the desired gift card, tap on the card unit, and proceed to payment.

  1. Open Your Cardtonic Application & login into your account (Cardtonic login)
  2. Tap the Buy Gift Cards Section

  3. Search and select the gift card country. For example; United States

  4. Select Desired Gift Card

  5. Click on Card Unit (Amount desired) & Quantity (Number of gift cards)

  6. Proceed To Payment. 

    If you are looking for how to buy gift cards online, this is how.


    Gift cards can make life easier for you in various ways. For Nigerians, you can use them to pay for items at your favorite stores/shops to avoid the cash scarcity issue, you can shop internationally from Nigeria, and also gift your loved ones on their special occasion. There are many other things these digital assets can help you do.

    This is why you need to know the best place to buy your gift cards in Nigeria so you can get the most value for your purchases at very affordable rates.






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