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How African Influencers for This Crypto Firm Can Make $1500 a Month

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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US-based cryptocurrency trader Yellow Card Financial says that its Brand Ambassador (BA) program has given the opportunity to hundreds of African youths to learn about crypto, “build career skills”, educate their communities, and most importantly, earn money as an influencer for its brand and products.

The program, launched first in 2009, targets students, recent graduates, and young professionals who are looking for an innovative side hustle. The company says that ideal ambassadors are “proactive, quick thinkers, solution-driven individuals who want to learn and share knowledge about crypto.”

To date, more than 300 ambassadors, across 10 African countries have reached over 35,560 people in their communities with information about cryptocurrency.

Success Ihumeziem, Head of Yellow Card’s BA program, says since the program launched in
2019, it has provided a great springboard for volunteers to learn and develop personal and
professional expertise. The program forms part of the company’s vision to create financial
freedom for all.

“The BA program opens up communities to learn about cryptocurrencies and their utilities.
When an ambassador educates someone around them about crypto, they are essentially
helping them understand new possibilities about how they can benefit from this ‘new money system’,” says Ihumeziem.

When it comes to the earning potential, Ihumeziem says that “on average ambassadors earn $100 a month with the highest-earning ambassador making $1500 in a month. Collectively the ambassadors have earned over $40,000.”

Yellow Card says it will directly pay brand ambassadors on a commission basis when they refer people using their respective codes and they will be able to earn stipends when they attend events or create their own Yellow Card events.

What Current Ambassadors Are Saying:

Among those who have benefited from the program is 25-year-old Iradukunda Aggrey, an IT specialist based in Kabale, Uganda. Iradukunda joined the Yellow Card BA program in October 2021 and says they quickly saw the benefits.

“The program helped me in several ways. I was able to pay my rent, my communication skills improved, and I developed problem-solving skills as well as customer service capabilities. On a personal level, the program enabled me to explore my community, meeting different people with different ideas and skills”, he said.

Aggrey is currently the BA team leader in Uganda for Yellow Card. He wants to encourage other young people to hop on board.

“I would encourage young people to join the program, because it will enable them to improve on their real-life experience and skills, like problem-solving, working under pressure, helping them learn and acquire more knowledge of digital currency or cryptocurrency through attending to the program meetings, events, webinars”, he says.

Another volunteer who says they have benefitted from the program is Aaron Mondoka, from Zambia, who also joined the program in 2021. Mondoka believes BA will help many in being better prepared for the future.

“I believe blockchain technology will help solve many societal issues. The future (Web3.0) is upon us and it’s high time we all acquaint ourselves with information about cryptocurrency,” he said.

Mondoka says this is something for those who love hard work as “the rewards, especially as another source of income, are great.”

“From a financial perspective, the program is good if you put in your work. It is my other stream of income. For students, it can be a good source of income,” he added.

Lastly, Mukarukundo Adeline (23) from Rwanda says she joined the Ambassador’s Program
after finding out about it on Instagram. Since then she has seen personal, professional and financial benefits

“I am proud to say that I now have savings of more than $800 in my bank account. I am
encouraging other young people to join the program because this pays well. I would encourage anyone who wants to join to take this seriously”, Adeline says.

Apart from financial gain, the Yellow Card Brand Ambassadors program offers youths who sign up a good opportunity to gain valuable skills in communications and public relations as its influencers as they refer people and educate their community members about cryptocurrency and Yellow Card products.

Here are the primary responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador, according to Yellow Card:

  • Refer new users to Yellow Card using your referral code.
  • Promote Yellow Card in your community and teach people how to use our platform
  • Make four (4) posts about Yellow Card on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every month.
  • Be part of activations and physical events happening in your community.
  • Meet the minimum quarterly target for a fixed commission.

“If you have a good knowledge of crypto-currencies, experience in selling, have a physical or online community, like to make money, and have excellent communication skills, do not hesitate to join our program,” Yellow Card says.

Click here to learn more about the program.

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