YouTube Creators Can Now Change Their Channel Names

Image sourced from Variety

YouTube has announced that it’ll now be easier for creators to change their name and profile picture on channels.

“Until now, creators had to change their name and icon for their entire Google account — so their name on YouTube would be the same name they send emails from in Gmail,” reports The Verge.

“That didn’t necessarily make sense from a branding or professional perspective, and the new system should offer a bit more flexibility for creators who might prefer to send emails under their actual name instead of their channel name.”

There is one catch, however, creators with a verification badge will have to reapply if they decide to change their name.

YouTube Rolls Out ‘Checks’ for Creators

YouTube is rolling out “Checks” – a new tool to help make uploading videos and receiving ad revenue easier for creators.

“Hey Creators! Today we’re rolling out a new step in the upload process on Studio desktop called “Checks” – which will automatically screen your uploads for potential copyright claims and ad suitability restrictions,” says YouTube in a blog post.

This new tool is expected to help creators minimize the number of videos uploaded with copyright claims and/or yellow icons to avoid surprises or worries.

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