YouTube Rolls Out ‘Checks’ for Creators

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YouTube is rolling out “Checks” – a new tool to help make uploading videos and receiving ad revenue easier for creators.

“Hey Creators! Today we’re rolling out a new step in the upload process on Studio desktop called “Checks” – which will automatically screen your uploads for potential copyright claims and ad suitability restrictions,” says YouTube in a blog post.

This new tool is expected to help creators minimize the number of videos uploaded with copyright claims and/or yellow icons to avoid surprises or worries.
Here’s how ‘Checks’ will work in the Studio Upload flow
During the upload flow on desktop, creators will see the option to review their video in the new “checks” step for potential copyright claims and ad-suitability issues before the video is published.
These copyright checks will usually finish within 3 minutes, while monetization checks can take a couple of minutes longer – a time estimate will be present on the screen.
Does this mean creators no longer have to upload videos as unlisted or private to check for monetization/copyright claims?
Correct! They no longer have to publish a video as unlisted or private – once the checks have completed, they’ll know if their video’s visibility or monetization potential will be restricted once it’s public. However, it’s still possible for the video to receive restrictions after it’s published.
Can creators publish a video before the checks are completed?
Yes, Youtube says that creators can publish the video while the checks are still running. Keep in mind that if an issue is found, it might impact the video’s visibility or monetization of the video.
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