Why Senior Citizens Should Choose Online Banking


While citizens are encouraged to remain indoors and work from their homes as a result of COVID-19, research around the world also highlights that senior citizens are among the most vulnerable to the pandemic.

This is one of the compelling reasons for senior citizens to consider efficient ways of banking to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19. The adoption of digital banking channels over this period empowers consumers of all ages with tools to easily manage their money from anywhere and at any time; allowing them to protect their health at the same time.

“As a bank for all, we continue to scale our efforts in educating our customers on the ease and safety of using our digital platforms. To those customers over the age of 55, we want to emphasise the endless benefits such as cost-saving and convenience of digital banking channels,” says CEO of Premier Banking at FNB, Kamal Kalian.

To put customers fears at ease, the bank utilises a number of security features in order for customers to bank easily and securely online. These include monitoring the device being used to ensure that it is verified and if not, only limited services will be available. Customers transacting via online banking will also be required to authenticate the transaction on their banking App as an additional safety net.

“We strive to ensure that all our digital banking channels are secure. In addition, from a cost perspective, the FNB App is zero-rated across all major networks, you simply need an active Internet connection. Those who use our banking App no longer pay for data when accessing services,” he added.

Banking digitally is as easy as just logging onto the platform online or via App and carrying out the transaction using minimal steps. The bank was recently named South Africa’s Best Digital Bank by the SITEisfaction report, with security, user-friendliness and convenience citied as features that users appreciate the most across the bank’s digital channels.

“Our client’s safety and privacy are of paramount importance to us and we remain confident that the range of digital banking solutions and channels that we offer cater for every customer’s banking needs while ensuring that they are empowered to conveniently bank from anywhere and at any time,” concludes Kalian.

Edited by Jenna Delport
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