Sales revenue for computers projected at US$200 billion in 2014

fuj_sie_01.jpgA new study by Frost & Sullivan projects revenues generated from the sale of computers to top US$200 billion in 2014.

The study also revealed that in 2008, laptops outstripped desktops in terms of revenue for the first time, mostly due to a higher average sale price. This trend is expected to continue in the current calendar year.

The higher uptake of laptops has also been advantageous for wireless broadband vendors as customers seem to increasingly move towards mobile technologies. The study also added that the adoption of wireless connectivity solutions could be even higher, but that there were restraining factors, such as high service costs.

Says Frost & Sullivan analyst Daniel Longfield: “Wireless broadband vendors can offset these issues by highlighting external broadband wireless solutions’ ability to help enterprises maintain several subscriptions for a larger number of employees, allowing wireless access to be targeted on a situational basis.”

Sales of computers and laptops totaled around US$137 billion last year.