New Zimbabwean Prime Minister turns to web to promote transparency


mtsvangirai_01.jpgMorgan Tsvangirai, newly appointed Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, plans to use the internet to promote transparency and inform the country’s citizens of the activities and initiatives of the newly-created coalition government.

The launch of the website coincides with Tsvangirai’s swearing in as a Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe’s House of Assembly. In his address to Parliament, Mr. Tsvangirai said: “… in this spirit of openness, today we are launching the Prime Minister’s website that will not only serve to keep the people informed about the activities of our government, but will also provide an interactive forum for the people to participate and contribute to the affairs of government. The address of this website is”

The website will be made interactive, and will encourage citizens to actively participate and share ideas and opinions. The site can be found at


  1. Mr Tswangirayi, we know that you have suffered greatly for Zimbabwe, but surely you must see that it was wrong to go into the GNU arrangement. The Mugabe regime was on its knees, but your signing of the flawed agreement saved Mugabe and his thugs, and the momentum was lost. All you needed to do was to remain in Botswana and let the meltdown reach its logical end. Why did we need to save the criminals? I know you say people were being killed and suffering, but that has not stopped.
    I have a lot of respect of you as person, you have lasted all this time in the face of this monster, and that is commendable. But I humbly submitt that now is the time for robust actions, for proaction based on sound end-game strategies. Mugabe believes in rough tactics and sadly you can not change that. He is simply a bad person, you must surely know that by now!
    I believe that this is time to disengage totally and let him run Zimbabwe. Do not make the mistake of going back into an obviously reduntant, unworkable arrangement. SADC should be ignored as they do not have our welfare at heart. Their inaction and support of Mugabe means that they are with him.
    There are a number of options available as ways forward.
    Let us finish this now and do all and everything to change our situation. Let us pull out all the stops!

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