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Handicapped women in Congo find success on Ebay

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ebay_01.gifIn one of Africa’s most war-torn regions, the Eastern Congo, a group of handicapped women have managed to create a sustainable business by selling their crafts on the auction site Ebay. The women have found a willing buying market through the online portal over the last eight months, despite not having any funding to start the venture.

The company, Shona Crafts, was started with the assistance of Dawn Hurley, an American whose aim it was to promote self-reliance among the women in the troubled region. Says Hurley of the venture:” The women of SHONA have found an enthusiastic market in the United States and have made over 100 sales on Ebay alone, and have earned 100 percent positive feedback.”

The women sell a range of handmade craft items through the online site, with interest growing among their newly found global customer base. Hurley praised the response of customers, saying: “The only way we have gotten this far has been through the incredible response of our customers. They return again and again, and they spread the word. On both sides of the ocean, we are truly a grass roots organization, working through one person at a time.”


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