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BI Smarts: Affordable BI a reality for the SME

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Say “business intelligence” and the average CIO or CEO will think “significant investment required”. However, with
its BI Smarts solution, business intelligence specialist Synergy Computing is offering small to medium sized enterprises (SME) the opportunity to affordably deploy a complete BI solution for as little as R5000 – R10 000 per month.

According to Synergy Computing managing director Christo Bredenkamp, the company is able to bring Microsoft-based solutions to a broader base of South African companies through its innovative application of the outsourcing concept to the combination of technologies necessary to create a BI solution.

“With BI Smarts, we have combined software, hardware, development and a suite of reports into an easily-deployed automated system which delivers key business insights for our clients,” he says.

Bredenkamp says key questions face customers in a variety of industries, the answers to which can often be found in data.
“Executives need to know if they are getting the right information to drive profits. This goes beyond raw data such as that from POS [point of sale], inventory and supply chain systems. What is required is the ability to quickly and intuitively gain access to relevant data to answer queries which may include comparative sales, performance of line items, the impact of specific dates and times on business and many more.”

“BI Smarts solves the problem of capital outlay and high deployment
and maintenance costs. Providing BI as a managed service means it is
not only affordable, but also risk-free. With no upfront fees, no
developer or IT staff member necessary to maintain the system,
clients can address their information needs for a fixed monthly
cost,” he says.

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