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Silverlight, BlackLight: i5 gears up to light up the new

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Microsoft solutions specialist i5 has strengthened its capabilities with the recent acquisition of Chameleon Technologies, a
Web design studio. On joining i5, Chameleon has been renamed to BlackLight and will specialise in developing web content based on the emerging Microsoft Silverlight technology.

According to Glen Ansell, i5 MD, the addition of strong front-end skills ideally complements i5’s recognised back-office
capabilities. With Black Light, i5 now has the capability to deliver complete, integrated solutions which seamlessly integrate
back office functions such as CRM, BI or transactional capabilities with the most advanced visual aspects of the new Internet,” he
“BlackLight comes from a strong media and design background, an area in which i5 has not yet developed capability. With this
competency, we i5 is now in a position to add considerable further value to our customers and the solutions we deliver through the
addition of design and media expertise,” Ansell adds.

Pointing out that the Internet is changing with the emergence of the concept of Web 2.0, Ansell says Microsoft’s Silverlight directly addresses the visual quality of the Web. Much of the fuss around Web 2.0 concerns changing content, such as social networking phenomena, personal publishing and information creation and sharing.

But there is another element which is fundamentally evolving “ the
way that this information is presented,” says Ansell.

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