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Plan Ahead with Bolt: Book Your Ride In Advance

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Bolt has launched its ‘Scheduled Rides’ feature allowing users to book rides up to 72 hours in advance. This feature offers riders added convenience and provides drivers ample time to prepare for upcoming trips.

Scheduled Rides ensures that riders won’t face availability issues during peak hours. Customers will pay extra charges to encourage driver participation in this service, resulting in increased earnings for driver-partners and improved service availability. Moreover, business customers can now reserve rides for work-related trips or for their business guests through the Bolt Business account’s Ride Booker feature.

Riders can select their desired category and include special instructions for drivers, allowing for a customized ride experience. Punctuality is prioritized with Scheduled Rides, ensuring drivers arrive on time as expected. Additionally, this feature eliminates surge pricing concerns, allowing riders to book trips without worrying about fluctuating charges.

Bolt’s commitment to providing a seamless transport experience. With Scheduled Rides, riders can plan their journeys confidently, knowing their Bolt ride will be ready when needed. Bolt continues to innovate and enhance user experience, aiming to deliver the most affordable, convenient, and enjoyable transportation option.

To use Scheduled Rides:

1. Open the Bolt app and enter your destination.
2. Select “Schedule Ride” and choose your pickup date and time.
3. Confirm your booking, and your ride will arrive promptly at your doorstep.

Bolt’s commitment to improving user experience extends to its recent introduction of Bolt Business Coupons, enabling companies to share or fully cover the cost of a single ride for their employees and clients. This initiative enhances convenience and efficiency in business travel, catering to various business needs, including transport to company events, employee benefits packages, and client satisfaction.

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