Monday, July 15, 2024
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Verto Partners with Investec to redefine cross-border B2B payments

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Verto SA proudly announces a strategic partnership with Investec, a renowned financial services provider. Verto’s partnership with Investec is a milestone in redefining cross-border B2B payments for South African businesses on a global scale.

With a track record of exceeding $6 billion in transaction volumes and a trusted clientele spanning 27 countries, Verto is well-positioned to address the international payment and foreign exchange needs of South African enterprises.

Verto’s licensing acquisition and partnership with Investec demonstrate its unwavering commitment to local regulatory compliance. Verto South Africa is now aligned with Investec, an Authorized Dealer regulated by the South African Reserve Bank, FSCA, and registered as an accountable institution with the Financial Intelligence Centre.

“This partnership represents the convergence of two credible and compliant cross-border payment financial institutions and is a continuation of our strategy of bringing our world-class platform to more businesses in Africa,” says Ola Oyetayo, CEO of Verto.

The Verto-Investec partnership empowers South African businesses to seamlessly send and receive international payments through a single API or Verto’s web and mobile platform. Streamlining currency conversion and global account management, Verto ensures regulatory compliance and exceptional customer service in cross-border transactions.

“The Verto platform addresses key pain points for South African businesses making cross-border payments,” says Oyetayo. “It offers self-service options and a fully automated system currently in development, aiming to provide an exceptional and trusted payment experience for South African businesses.”

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