Friday, February 23, 2024
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Transforming Education with AI

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Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically the integration of ChatGPT, mark the beginning of a transformative era in global personalized and efficient education. The impact of technology became evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when institutions turned to tools like intelligent tutoring and automated grading systems for remote student assessment.

In South Africa’s evolving education landscape, AI has the potential to address resource challenges faced by institutions. However, it is crucial for local educational institutions to adopt responsible and ethical AI use while navigating this technological evolution. Striking a balance between maximizing AI’s benefits in education and maintaining vigilant oversight is challenging but of utmost importance.

Dr. Jolanda Morkel, Head of Instructional Design at STADIO, emphasizes the need for continuous validation of AI-generated content by students and educators. Despite occasional inaccuracies, STADIO is leveraging AI to revolutionize the learning experience, focusing on improving outcomes, enhancing accessibility, and equipping students with modern workplace skills.

Dr. Morkel highlights AI’s impact on education, specifically the creation of interactive versions of ChatGPT with audio and video elements. “Lecturers are encouraged to embrace emerging technologies, including AI, for tailored support, guidance, and promoting self-directed learning,” she adds.

In tertiary institutions, AI should extend beyond the classroom to streamline administrative processes, optimize admissions and grading, and provide valuable student support.

Finding the right balance is crucial, and responsible AI integration requires clear goal setting, extensive training, and the implementation of skills development programs for both lecturers and management teams. Dr. Morkel believes that the responsible and ethical use of AI is crucial for shaping the future of education, positioning graduates to excel in the evolving workplace.

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