Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Transforming mobile tower infrastructure performance with AI-powered data intelligence

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Phil-Tower Consortium Inc. partners with PowerX to optimize power assets, enhance network visibility, and boost energy efficiency.

The collaboration aims to revolutionize connectivity through digitalization, harnessing advanced technologies to meet industry demands and drive innovation in telecommunications.

PhilTower’s adoption of PowerX’s data intelligence platform will automate insights, accelerate business decisions, and improve overall towerco infrastructure in the Philippines.

Devid Gubiani, CEO at PhilTower, said: “PhilTower takes pride in leading the region’s digital transformation journey. We are steadfast in our commitment to elevating cell tower infrastructure management and performance to always greater standards, all while delivering top-tier service to our valued mobile operator partners.

Our collaboration with PowerX is a testament to this dedication. PowerX’s profound understanding of PhilTower’s requirements instills confidence in our shared vision for revolutionizing connectivity through digitalization. Together, we are harnessing advanced technologies to meet the demands of the industry, driving innovation and excellence in telecommunications.”

The strategic partnership underscores PhilTower’s commitment to modernizing asset management and achieving higher standards in cell tower infrastructure management.

Andrew Schafer, CEO at PowerX, said: “We are delighted to partner with PhilTower, deploying the PowerX platform to help achieve their goals of delivering an efficient, resilient, and sustainable network. Our approach leverages advanced data science capabilities and tools at scale across diverse data sets to unearth hidden inefficiencies, prioritize action and manage integrated workflows to resolution.

This is especially crucial to support PhilTower’s rapid operationalization of newly acquired tower sites from Globe. The PhilTower leadership team’s unwavering commitment to innovation and network performance aligns seamlessly with our mission to transform the mobile network industry. Together, we are enthusiastic about introducing these ground-breaking advantages to the Philippines, driving a new standard for network intelligence and site efficiency.”


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