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The Cost of Mistakes: Solar Energy Expert Warns Homeowners

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Solar systems not only save homeowners money on their electricity bills, but also offer an attractive escape from the tight grip of persistent load-shedding and energy insecurity.

However, correctly installing a solar system and ensuring that the components work perfectly together, is just as important as selecting the right panels, inverter, and batteries. If performed incorrectly, your solar system might turn into a costly mistake.

“Anyone with a passing knowledge of electrical systems can load a solar setup on the back of their bakkie and install it in your home. However, it takes a qualified and experienced installer to ensure that your solar system is able to stand the test of time, and that you benefit from the maximum output and energy savings allowed by your panels,” says Rein Snoeck Henkemans, CEO of Alumo Energy.

He further explains that proper solar installation requires careful planning, the right equipment, and in-depth knowledge of both local regulations and equipment and installation standards and provided us with insight on how to avoid making mistakes that could cost homeowners more in the long term.

Why solar installation matters

Solar installation is by no means a simple DIY project that anyone can do themselves. It involves working with high-voltage wiring, complex components, and strictly adhering to various regulations. If an installer makes a mistake at any stage of the installation process, it could seriously damage the system and the home/business.

For example, faulty installations and systems that have not been wired correctly can create a fire hazard. Although relatively uncommon, substandard components could also cause the system to overheat or short-circuit, causing sparks, flames, or explosions.

If the solar system is not designed or connected correctly, or panels are not optimally placed for maximum sun exposure, the system can experience considerable power loss. This can significantly affect your long-term energy cost savings and return on investment.

Mistakes that Nullify Your Warrantee

Additionally, a sub-optimally installed system with void your warrantee, with incorrect voltage designs, mismatched batteries or inadequate temperature controls could result in damage to key hardware and components, that will then require more repairs or replacements over time.

Benefits of hiring accredited professionals

Professional service providers will tailor your solar system according to your specific needs and preferences. They will ensure that it is the correct size for your output needs, with the optimal number of batteries and solar panels, has the right orientation, and avoids shading problems, as mistakes in the system design or installation can reduce the efficiency of your system by as much as 40% in some cases.

Accredited installers can also issue a certificate of compliance (COC) for your solar system, which is a legal document that proves that your system meets safety and quality standards.

A COC also specifies what was added or changed in your house through the addition of renewable energy technologies, which is important for insurance and home resale purposes. Alumo is a company that provides services like regular maintenance and improve warranty services.

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