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MAZIV’s Digital Transformation Drive for Superior Customer Experience

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MAZIV, one of South Africa’s largest telecommunications groups, aggressively invests in digital transformation to enhance customer experience and service quality.

A PwC survey in 2022 revealed that 90% of South African telco customers expressed dissatisfaction. Telcos ranked as the second worst-performing sector. Over 55% of respondents would stop purchasing from a brand after several negative experiences, and 32% would switch brands due to inconsistency.

Heydon Hall, CIO of DFA, stresses the importance of customer retention to avoid losing them due to negative experiences. In the telecommunications industry, factors like price, quality, and customer service significantly influence customer choices. Customer service is the focus of nearly 45% of telecommunications-related conversations, with many being negative, citing slow response times, inconsistent communication, and unclear solutions to issues.

Hall emphasizes digital transformation in the service industry, encouraging a streamlined go-to-market strategy, efficient service, and support structures through an integrated digital approach, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, and customer-focused platforms like Salesforce.

Francois Swart, CTO at Vumatel, believes that digital transformation is compelling various industries to reconsider their approach to meeting customer needs, accelerated by the COVID pandemic. He stresses the importance of viewing AI and bots as tools to augment human capabilities. By incorporating AI-powered tools, companies can engage with customers on a personal level and leverage data to resolve issues more efficiently, fostering personalized interactions at scale.

Swart believes telecom companies must employ cutting-edge AI technologies and automation tools to stay competitive and gain a thorough understanding of customer requirements. Embracing practices from other sectors can expedite their journey.

MAZIV’s commitment to improving customer service is evident through substantial investments, including implementing Salesforce CRM, positioning the company to exceed customer expectations, and developing future AI capabilities and tools.

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