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This Week’s Top 4 Google Searches Across Africa

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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Google Trends publishes the top searches for every day of the week and covers 4 African countries in which it sees the most activity, namely Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

The top search trends from along the week provide an interesting insight into the minds of each country, what captivated users the most, and what they are showing the most interest in.

Here are this week top 4 Google searches across Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and SA:

  • “Professor Okoth Okombo” – Kenya: 100K Searches

This week, Google celebrated the life and works of the founder of Kenyan Sign Language, Professor Okoth Okombo. Prof. Okombo received a Google Doodle in remembrance of his 71st birthday.

The acclaimed Kenyan professor and author is often considered the founder of African sign language studies. Throughout his life, Okombo worked to improve the lives of deaf people and is recognised internationally as one of the leading scholars of sign language in the world.

  • “Nomthi Odukoya” – Nigeria: 50K Searches

The Nigerian Christian community paid tributes to Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, who passed away on Tuesday following a two-year-long battle with cancer at 47.

Odukoya was a beloved figure in her community. Professionally she was a senior paster at the Fountain of Life Church, and also a life coach, educator, writer. Odukoya is largely credited for writing several children’s books that address topical issues like bullying, gender equality, and life lessons.

  • “Johannes Vermeer” – Egypt: 500K Searches

Google paid tribute to renowned Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer via a Google Doodle yesterday. His most famous works include Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Milkmaid.

  • “FW de Klerk” – South Africa: 200K Searches

FW de Klerk, the former South African president and the final president of the apartheid regime died yesterday at 85 succumbing to cancer. De Klerk was a key figure, along with Nelson Mandela, in South Africa’s peaceful transition into democracy – for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize. His legacy is one mired in controversy.

By Luis Monzon
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