How to Choose a Gaming TV That’s Perfect for Your Next-Gen Console

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TV features like a 4K display, HDMI 2.1, reduced input lag of 8.5ms, and 120 frames per second refresh rate would have made little difference to your gaming experience when Super Mario Bros became a global obsession in the 1980s.

However, unlike those 16-bit cartridge consoles, next-generation gaming consoles like Sony’s Playstation 5 require a more feature-rich gaming TV with these capabilities to enhance all the action on screen and enable a seamless transition from movie to game modes for less lag and a more realistic gaming experience.

Here are some key features to look out for when searching for your next gaming TV.

Don’t let low frame rates ruin your game 

For gamers, low frame rates not only create choppiness on screen but have also been shown to negatively affect first-person shooter gamers that rely on rapid, precise reactions.

When you’re shopping for your next gaming TV, pick one with a refresh rate of at least 120 frames per second, so you’ll have the advantage in shooting, sports, and high-performance games with near-instant on-screen action reactions.

Automatic game mode is a must-have

When buying a gaming TV, look for one that has an automatic gaming mode so that you don’t have to fiddle with the settings every time you connect your console. With this mode, TVs can seamlessly switch from movie to game mode, reducing input lag and allowing for smoother gameplay.

TVs with Auto HDR Tone Mapping enhance this capability by automatically selecting the best HDR settings when a console is detected and displaying more detail in high-contrast scenes. This allows gamers to see the most crucial details in the brightest and darkest parts of the screen.

Don’t lag behind the competition

It’s easy to think a TV that’s great for Netflix series binges and family movie nights should also be great for gaming, but the truth is that gaming TVs offer gaming-specific features that regular TVs do not, such as reduced input lag.

Gaming relies heavily on the milliseconds it takes for a controller button press to trigger an on-screen reaction, which is why choosing a TV with low latency input lag, like 8.5ms, can be a game-changer and will offer ultra-smooth gaming. After all, the last thing you want is high latency lag ruining your ability to react to enemies or obstacles, especially in sports and action games.

Invest in a future-proof gaming TV

More game producers are releasing 4K and 8K titles that offer a new level of performance, so getting a TV that’s compatible with next-generation consoles that can handle these graphics-intensive games is a good investment.

For even better in-game picture quality, choose a 4K TV with HDR. Images on these TVs have darker blacks, brighter whites, and more clearly defined details.

TVs are now perfect for gaming

Gamers are no longer limited solely to PC monitors when looking for high-end gaming screens. TVs like Sony’s perfect for PlayStation 5 BRAVIA XR range offer gaming-specific features, like HDMI 2.1, a 4K high definition display, 120fps, and reduced input lag of 8.5ms – delivering an exceptional gaming experience with immersive picture and sound that puts gamers in the heart of all their favourite titles.

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