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5 Ways to Automate a Consumer Goods Sales Force

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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FMCG sales force automation is achieved by utilizing an app to manage the sales force, such as sales force tracking, inventory management, and reporting.

This process speeds up the fast-moving consumer goods sales operations by automating various routine tasks, so the sales team is more focused, and can concentrate on selling.

Technology and the internet have made it possible for sales agents to be managed through their phones, seamlessly.

Automating an FMCG sales force can help boost sales, revenue, and help increase sales force productivity.

Data redundancy is also eliminated due to the elimination of paperwork. CloudApper SalesQ is a salesforce workflow automation app that can automate an FMCG and packaged goods sales force.

Cloud architecture allows for seamless operations and sales force tracking through phones. Inventories and customer feedback can also be managed for better FMCG sales operations.

Here are 5 Ways to Automate an FMCG Sales Force:

Technology can be leveraged to automate FMCG sales agents’ workflows and activities to yield maximum profits for FMCG companies by managing territory and store visits. Here are some ways this can be achieved:

  • Manage Customer Profiles

FMCG sales reps should capture vital customer information from the field, and construct customer profiles that can be accessed by both management and other reps to customize deliveries.

Customer feedback can also be recorded using an app like SalesQ that lets you review recordings to adjust the sales operations as per customers’ needs and wants. This increases business profitability by catering to customer needs.

  • Track Your Sales Force

Sales teams should be monitored to make sure that they visit the right places at the right time, so no essential deals are lost due to untimely visits.

Geo-fencing technology can ensure FMCG sales agents check-in from their assigned territories and stores, increasing accountability. This increases productivity, and constantly nudges your reps to perform better, leading to an increase in profitability.

  • Identify Customer Clusters

Analysis of customer purchasing patterns can help you identify which products are purchased more by different groups of customers. This can help you demographically segment them as customers who buy expensive products, or customers who buy a certain product repetitively.

This data can be used to better target customers and push more sales through sales reps. SalesQ lets you track the amount of product sold per customer to analyze buyer preferences.

  • Sync Product Catalogue

The list of inventories that you currently have in stock can be hard to maintain and recall by FMCG sales representatives through pen and paper.

SalesQ allows for a digital product library that shows products in inventory along with images. This makes it easier for sales reps to distribute products to various stores and makes the sales operations process easier by keeping count of inventory.

  • Generate Robust Reports

FMCG sales metrics and latent metrics can be displayed through data analysis by a robust sales flow workflow automation app. This gives management better insight into sales data that can help in forecasting, inventory management, and fast-moving consumer goods sales force management. Proper implementation of sales analytics can help FMCG and packaged goods companies attain better profitability and stay ahead of the competition.

Technology can be used to automate an FMCG sales force to increase overall efficiency and productivity. Sales reps can be managed through their phones, and sales processes can be streamlined by greater visibility through filtered data.

SalesQ is a sales force workflow automation app that can help automate an FMCG sales force.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial now, and try out a range of other free apps by CloudApper.

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