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How to Monitor the Productivity of Your Remote Teams

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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After the effects of the global pandemic, remote work has become a reality for millions of employees.

Not only have a large number of companies quickly shifted to the remote work model but many of those companies have decided to keep this structure keep going. To highlight that, a study conducted by the Owl Lab has found that at least 52% of employees are working remotely at least once each week. 

Despite the numerous benefits of remote work, it also has unique sets of challenges.  One of the greatest challenges that businesses have found is that it is difficult to track how your teams are performing and whether they are actually working productively or not. 

So, How Do Employers Measure Productivity in Remote Teams?

While employees were working in the office, it was easier for the managers to practice team-building exercises to keep employees motivated and productive.

Productivity is simply the measurement of output per unit of time, with the addition of measurements like increase in sales, customer satisfaction level, or increase in website traffic for better understanding. 

So, the first step in measuring productivity is to create a policy in which employees will know how you measure them. To improve the productivity of remote workers, you have to come up with different kinds of tactics.

You are not able to check in with them face-to-face and are completely unaware of what they are doing during their working hours. But the good news is that there are effective ways that make it possible to monitor what remote workers are doing during work hours in real-time and increase your team’s productivity at the same time. 

Employee monitoring software is one of the best ways to maintain a high productivity level when employees are working from their homes.

It helps employees to be attentive during their work hours and replicates an in-office environment. The software meets the criteria that companies look for to monitor their employees.

It fits businesses of all sizes and has amazing features needed for a productive remote working culture. The software is the best alternative to know how your employees are working.

Businesses that have implemented monitoring software have reported that it helped them to save their business money, reduced distraction, and helped to keep the remote team engaged.

Monitoring Software Also Helps:

  •   To accurately assess their working hours by tracking attendance and time of login/logout.
  •   Keeps record of websites and online applications usage during working hours to show a real picture of what employees did.
  •   Keeps record of the time spent actively doing work-related activities and idle times.
  •   Provides monthly reports featuring productivity metrics, working hours, etc. to understand employee performance better.

These are the key features that most of the employee monitoring software provide. As a manager, you have to do some research before you choose software, the tool you pick could impact your team’s productivity.

This is why it’s so important to use the right kind of monitoring software to collect data that can be used to make smarter business decisions.

Improve Your Productivity and Grow Your Business

Improving your remote team’s productivity is the key to propel your business and take it to the next level. Besides implementing employee monitoring software, you also have to set smart and achievable goals for your teams.

Do this by setting the KPI, tracking and keeping records of feedback based on these KPIs, and by breaking down all the major goals into milestones, checkpoints, or micro-goals. This way, you can prepare your team to have all the necessary tools to work from home efficiently and create a more productive work environment.

Be Transparent and Build Trust

There are many types of productivity monitoring software available in the market, many software conducts extreme levels of surveillance including stealth mode and other unethical practices, which instead of bringing positive results creates burnout.

Employees are the greatest assets for any business and should be trusted by employers. Building a transparent and trust-filled environment is very important to help remote employees to prioritize their work. The office culture should let employees feel free to do their best work without being micromanaged for the overall healthy growth of the business.

How to Choose the Best Software to Monitor Remote Workers?

All remote monitoring software is not created equal.

Each one has some unique features to offer. So as a business owner you need to conduct some research. Luckily most of this software has a free trial option, to test which one will be the best fit for your business.

By Staff Writer.

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