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Huawei Intelligent Cloud-Network Accelerates Digital Transformation Across Industries

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Luis Monzon
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At the 18th Huawei Global Analyst Summit held in Shenzhen from April 12 to 14, Huawei announced the latest innovations and developments in its Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution.

At this annual event, Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Go Digital Faster with the Intelligent Cloud-Network”. In the speech, Zhao shared how the Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution accelerates digital transformation across industries in four major scenarios: cloud campus network, cloud WAN, hyper-converged data centre network, and cyber security.

Cloud migration is the key path for digital transformation. According to IDC statistics, 80% of enterprises will speed up their cloudification by the end of 2021, and multi-cloud access — including public, private, and hybrid clouds — will be a major choice for enterprises looking to migrate to the cloud.

Today’s enterprises may tend to migrate their office services to public clouds. However, as digital transformation intensifies, it is inevitable that enterprises will migrate their production services to the cloud as well.

Zhao Zhipeng
Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, is delivering a keynote speech entitled “Go Digital Faster with the Intelligent Cloud-Network”.

Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, is delivering a keynote speech entitled “Go Digital Faster with the Intelligent Cloud-Network”.

Mr. Zhao said, “Cloud-network is the foundation for enterprise migration to the cloud. By supplying almost limitless computing power and intelligence, cloud-network enables all industries to scale new heights of productivity, unleash the potential of data elements, and ignite the vitality of the digital economy.”

Nowadays, cloud technologies develop at a much faster pace than networks, which act as a bottleneck to effective cloud utilization. In this context, four challenges are now faced by cloud-network: fast cloud but slow network, difficult experience guarantee, challenging network O&M, and difficult security protection.

To address these challenges, Huawei follows the “digital, intelligent, and service-oriented” philosophy and further innovates its end-to-end Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution. This underscores Huawei’s efforts to empower intelligence with data and enable enterprises to better deploy and use clouds.

Huawei’s Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution delivers innovative offerings in four major scenarios.

  • CloudCampus 3.0, delivering optimal cloud access experience

By enabling fully wireless networking, CloudCampus 3.0 enables seamless campus connections anywhere. It also draws on SD-WAN to create one global network, thereby realizing agile global interconnection and cloud-network matching.

With stand-out features such as cloud management and intelligent O&M, CloudCampus 3.0 significantly increases campus O&M efficiency, improves network-wide performance by 58%, and identifies 85% of potential faults in advance.

  • CloudWAN 3.0, providing agile and high-quality network connections between enterprises and clouds

Built on hierarchical network slicing, CloudWAN 3.0 effectively isolates different enterprise services while offering on-demand network SLAs for service performance assurance.

With the intelligent cloud-map algorithm, CloudWAN 3.0 can flexibly select different cloud access paths according to services, effectively improving cloud access efficiency. Its innovative cloud-network-security synergy feature ensures robust network-wide security, with a threat detection rate of over 96%.

  • CloudFabric 3.0, building a hyper-converged data centre network to enable converged and lossless network connectivity for cloud data centres

This future-proof solution truly achieves lossless Ethernet. According to statistics, a packet loss rate of just 0.1% will reduce computing power by 50%, yet simply adding servers cannot always satisfy service needs.

To handle this, Huawei innovatively introduced intelligent flow speed control, achieving lossless data transmission in data centres and between active-active data centres as far as 70 km away from each other. This innovation helps maximize computing power and slash the fees of leasing optical fibres. Another differentiator of this solution is network-wide intelligent O&M, which enables fault detection and self-healing in minutes, ensuring 24/7 always-on services.

  • HiSec, offering end-to-end security protection for enterprise cloudification

Cloudification greatly expands traditional enterprise boundaries, putting a huge strain on conventional single-point protection. Huawei’s HiSec Solution overcomes this by offering end-to-end security protection — from cloud access to cloud connections and even intra-cloud networks — through comprehensive collaboration between clouds, networks, security, and devices.

On top of that, Huawei’s HiSec Solution provides subscription-based security protection capabilities for enterprises through cloud services.

Huawei’s Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution delivers an unprecedented level of cloud-network synergy needed to address the disruptive network architecture changes brought by ever-changing service needs and emerging technological innovations.

Looking ahead, Huawei will work with more customers and partners to deeply engage in various industries — from digital government to smart cities and from industrial automation to remote smart healthcare — thereby injecting a new momentum to the digital transformation of all industries.

By Staff Writer.

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