5 Must-Have Gadgets for Mobile Gamers

One of the fastest-growing and highest-grossing industries on the planet, mobile gaming is exploding as gamers across the Earth unite in their hand-held passion.

It’s a faster, cheaper way to play games, and to do it with friends as more and more large developers and publishers shift their IPs towards the mobile landscape. Soon, the mobile market will feature just as many AAA games as the console or PC market. The only thing standing in the way of this is technology.

Right now, mobile gaming is limited, but with the right gadgets, an avid mobile gamer can play games as if they were right on a new-generation console.

The following are five must-have accessories to turn your mobile gaming experience a complete 360:

5. Trigger Attachments

Gaming on a smartphone can be a bit difficult compared to conventional gaming due to the lack of actual control space. Usually, mobile games, especially of the action variety will try to feature all of the game’s control in a non-intrusive way on the screen but sometimes this isn’t enough.

There is nothing as annoying as being in the middle of an intense firefight only to fail as you scramble across your screen for the right buttons.

Now, with companies like IFYOO and GameSir, you can attach nifty trigger attachments to your screen so it can feel more like an actual controller, without having to purchase one, and save you from the panic of not knowing where the right button is.

4. Power Bank

Mobile gaming is at its best when its just that – mobile. Play on a bus or taxi, or on a long trip to melt the hours away. Or maybe you’re a Pokémon Go diehard, and you need to make those walks across the city to catch them all.

The only problem with this is that often when gaming goes mobile, the battery begins to drain faster and faster, especially for online gaming where your phone is basically cooking in your hands.

With a modern power bank, you can extend game-time for as long as you want. The best power banks these days are small enough not to look clunky and can charge your phone ten times over. Most new power banks are priced very reasonably and can be bought anywhere they sell electronics, such as Game.

3. Gaming Headphones

Gaming headphones are essential to mobile gamers for two equally important reasons.

The first is that without them you can become that incredibly annoying person blasting the sounds of your warzone to everyone around you as they try to enjoy some peace and quiet on their homeward transit.

The second is that with many online games – the team factor is a real thing, especially if you play enough. Communicate with your teammates through crisp microphones and demolish your opposition.

Razer commands one of the most impressive catalogues of gaming headphones on the market, for both audio and microphone quality – you will never go wrong.

2. Gaming Controllers

One step further than trigger attachments, gaming controllers for smartphones have been in the market for years and are as responsive and well-built as their console or PC counterparts.

If you’re an avid mobile gamer and you want to conserve the entire screen for just gameplay and no wagging fingers, then consider purchasing one of these. Before long, you’ll be playing games as if you’re on a console sans the vast price tag.

For one of the best overall game controllers available for smartphones, consider the Razer Raiju.

  1. HD Mirroring Cable

The final piece of the puzzle. Complete the gaming experience by mirroring your phone’s screen right to your TV.

With your power bank and trigger attachments, you will be able to play wherever you go out there in the real world, but if you want to return home and continue the fun then why not plug your device to the TV via a mirroring cable. With this and a gaming controller, your phone will act as a complete console. No longer will you be tied down to the tiny resolution of your device.

Edited by Luis Monzon
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