5 Essential Mobile Apps for Moms

Being a mother has to be one of the most exciting but also demanding experiences life can provide. One moment your heart is swelling with thoughts of all the wonderful memories you will create with your little one – then suddenly, you are worrying about how you are going to juggle it all: the sleepless nights, the rocking to bed, the learning and unlearning.

Luckily, mobile apps have been a silver lining when it comes to handling motherhood. These five essential apps will no doubt bring convenience and laughter into your life:

1. Lullaby Songs for Babies

Sometimes rocking and singing your child to sleep can be exhausting. Conveniently, Lullaby Songs for Babies puts your vocal cords to rest for a few moments. The application has multiple lullabies available, which are categorised into certain themes such as Traditional Lullabies, Nature Sounds, Animal Sounds and Classical Music.

The best part? You are able to set a timer that is suitable for your little one’s sleep rhythms.

2. Kinedu

Keeping track of your child’s milestones can be tough. That’s why Kinedu gives you the opportunity to diarise the development of your child through physical, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional activities depending on their age (ages ranging from 0 to 4). As your child progresses, different milestones are available to show what your ‘mini-me’ has accomplished.

Furthermore, if you wish to share this journey with someone you can always add your nanny, partner and family to your account so that they can follow your baby’s development.

3. ScreenGuide

Once your kids know how to walk and talk, the world is their oyster. They can now easily find their way into your jewellery box, smear themselves with your lotions or make a canvas out of your wall. Therefore, introducing them to different forms of entertainment is a must.

Products such as tablets are a popular way of keeping kids out of trouble these days. Unfortunately, solving one problem can make new ones arise – such as monitoring what your children view online.

ScreenGuide controls your kid’s screen time using powerful parental controls like setting up daily screen times; blocking certain apps, websites or features; as well as allowing you to completely lock the device from wherever you are.

4. What’s For Dinner

When juggling your children, career and household – the last thing on you want to spend your time thinking about is a creative and nutritious meal. The What’s For Dinner app makes deciding on delicious and healthy food really simple thanks to its helpful resources and snack ideas.

The app also has an integrated grocery list that can be automatically prepared once you’ve decided on your family’s meals – this means that you’ll be sure to get everything you need.

5. Photo Collage Maker

When you bring a new being into the world, you’ll want to photograph every single moment of their journey. Editing apps like Photo Collage Maker give you the opportunity to make your memories sparkle (literally).

This app provides tools such as filters, screen effects, stickers and fonts to give your pictures extra personality. The app is completely free and is easily sharable to different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Edited by Jenna Delport
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