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5 Best Video Games For Parents and Kids Under Lockdown

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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With only grade 7 and grade 12 learners returning to school in the next few weeks, most children are still confined to their homes under the nationwide level 3 lockdown in South Africa.

While many parents are working from home, and children are schooling from home as well, there is always a few hours of the day to settle down to some video games together. Of course, you don’t want your kids drowning in screen time, but if you’re a parent that games, or if your children game, this is an excellent way to connect with them.

The following are 5 great video games to play with your children during level 3 lockdown in South Africa that are certain to be fun for both you and your kids:

5. FIFA or any other sports game

Extremely popular in South Africa, the FIFA games are usually a staple in most households.

Sports are a great way to connect with your children, and with FIFA or other sports video games, you can do that within the safety of your home. Play for hours. Runs tournaments, and share your love of football with your offspring.

Available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Mac OS and Nintendo Switch.

4. Untitled Goose Game

Play as a mischievous little goose in a picturesque village in this fun and harmless title. Your kids will laugh with you as the goose gets up to hijinks with the people of the village.

This puzzle-stealth game received rave reviews for its silliness and unbridled charm

Game Informer writes that “Untitled Goose Game is a great concept, and ends in the same charming way it started. Pranking people is fun, and doing it as a goose just adds to the thrill.”

Available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Mac OS and Nintendo Switch.

3. Rocket League

A sports game with a twist, CNET writes that Rocket League works for kids on a number of levels.

Flying jet-fueled cars playing football is probably all you need to know about how and why children gravitate towards Rocket League. Super fun, super-fast gameplay with familiar rules.

The game supports same-screen multiplayer, useful to play as a family. It also features bots your kids can play against if you’re not around to play with them.

Available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Mac OS and Nintendo Switch.

2. Portal 2

One of the best games ever made. In the ultimate puzzle game Portal 2 parents and kids can team up through a series of mind-bending and intricate problems and puzzles that stretch the limits of spatial reasoning.

With its tongue-in-cheek approach to sci-fi, Portal 2 is a super fun distraction from the lockdown tedium. A must-play for parents and children alike.

Available on Windows, Mac OS, PS3 and Xbox 360.

1. Minecraft

Called the Lego for a new generation. Minecraft is so good for kids that it used in schools to help children with creativity and problem-solving.

Explore an endless virtual world where you and yours can build whatever you want – from tall towers to fathomless dungeons. Survive against blocky skeletons and giant spiders and defeat the legendary Ender Dragon together in this ultimate kid-and-parent friendly title.

Available everywhere and on everything.

By Luis Monzon
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