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Microsoft Teams Jumps to 75-Million Daily Active Users

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Luis Monzon
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Last month Microsoft said that Teams usage had grown to 44-million daily active users during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Now, The Verge is reporting that the platform’s user base has jumped 70%. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella revealed in an investor call that Teams now has more than 75-million active users.

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Nadella would also provide new statistics during the call for the usage of Teams. Microsoft’s platform saw 200 million meeting participants in a single day. A statistic that Zoom has been using to note its own growth during the pandemic and worldwide remote working migration. Zoom itself managed 300 million meetings participants throughout March and into April.

The Verge makes a record that Zoom has been confusing the comparisons, providing misleading information that the company has recently corrected. The company originally stated that it had “more than 300 million daily users” and that “more than 300 million people around the world are using Zoom during this challenging time.”

Zoom has since deleted these references, having changed these claims to “300 million daily Zoom meeting participants.” The embattled company, which was recently embroiled in several legal skirmishes for its poorly managed security and privacy features, has yet to release actual daily active user statistics.

The difference between the terms “Daily Active Users” and “Daily Meeting Participants” is also important, as it means two different things. Daily meeting participants count multiple meetings, so if you have five Zoom or Teams meetings in a day, then you’re counted five times.

A company could easily use this inflated number to trick the uninformed in believing that their user base is far larger than it actually is. The difference also helps us notice that Microsoft may be a lot closer to Zoom’s user base than previously expected.

Microsoft also has 258-million paid seats for Office 365, recently renamed Microsoft 365, which now includes Teams. It’s clear the company still has some way to go to convince its existing Office user base to switch to Teams. Still, it’s possible nearly 30 per cent of its Office 365 paid seats are using Teams already.

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