Top 4 Most Trending Stories – Week in Review

As this week comes to a close we take a look at the articles that resonated most with our readers.

This week’s articles cover topics from the app and social media sphere in WhatsApp’s new dark mode feature and Twitter introducing “Fleets” to Mastercard’s analysis on how Pay-on-Demand services can help the prosperity of impoverished African countries and how Standard Bank continues its digital transformation.

Here’s a quick look at this week’s top articles:

4. Fresh Details on WhatsApp’s New Dark Mode

WhatsApp’s new dark mode is being introduced across the globe on Android and iOS as the dark mode trend on mobile phones continues to garner rave reviews and popularity.

This article describes WhatsApp’s new dark mode, as well as how to initiate it on iOS 13 and Android 9.

3. Twitter to Introduce a Stories Feature Called “Fleets”

The hugely popular ‘Stories’ feature on Snapchat has since been copied across all the other massive social media apps. From Instagram to Facebook, and even LinkedIn is getting in on the action.

Stories are finally coming to Twitter in the guise of “Fleets”, despite the massive uproar from its user-base to introduce an Edit Tweet feature. This decision has left many users either confused or upset as the hashtag #RIPTwitter.

2. Pay on Demand is Vital for Financial Inclusion in Africa reports Mastercard

According to Mastercard, when people are given the ability and the means to pay for what they want and need when they want and need it accelerates the financial and digital inclusion of these people.

Through this, millions across the African continent can be lifted out of poverty and prosperity can be achieved.

1. Standard Bank partners with Microsoft and SAP to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Standard Bank South Africa announces that it’s moving its core SAP Cloud Platform services to Microsoft Azure, the PC and multimedia titan’s own cloud services. This move is expected to significantly improve customer experience with the bank while also enabling the expedition of new solutions to the market to be introduced more efficiently.

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