6 New Things to Expect with Android 11

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Google has launched the first developer preview for its new OS, Android 11, revealing many new features that will be included in its future release, according to My Broadband.

“Today, we’re releasing the first Developer Preview of Android 11, and building on a strong feedback cycle last year, we’re making this year’s preview available to you earlier than ever,” stated the company.

Developers may now access and download a system image for the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, or 4, to try out the operating system. Google says that this is just a first look and will reveal more features as they approach release.

The version of Android boasts new functionality in many fields, namely:

1. Conversation Enhancers

Android 11 is set to introduce several changes to the way conversations and notifications work within the OS. New details such as a dedicated conversations section in the notification area, as well as new native chat bubbles. The new conversation system will also support inserting images into inline notification replies.

2. 5G Network Support

The new Android will include support for 5G network speeds and their capabilities.

Enhanced connectivity APIs will allow developers and users to better take advantage of 5Gs blistering speed improvements. These include:

  • Dynamic Meteredness API – Allows for the checking of the connection, whether it is unmetered or not, and for adjusting the resolution and quality of their content accordingly.
  • Bandwidth Estimator API – This allows developers to check the user connection’s bandwidth without polling the actual network.

3. New Forms Support

Android is evolving to include support for new form factors, such as vertically and horizontally-folding smartphones, including Samsung’s new devices.

New APIs are included to let developers optimise applications to support these new form factors.

4. New Privacy Features

Google says that privacy has always been at the core of Android and that every year they innovate new ways to keep users secure, increase transparency and increase privacy control.

New permission options and updates in scoped storage are expected. New privacy features follow:

  • One-time permission – This grants apps the ability to access data and hardware elements for single uses. Permissions to use the app are closed when the app is closed.
  • Scoped storage – Improvements to external storage for app and user data. New MediaStore functionalities such as opt-in raw file path access, updated DocumentsUI, and batch edit operations.

5. New Security Features

The Android 11 will launch with new and improved features to ensure your security, from expanded biometrics to secure ID storage.

  • Biometrics – BiometricPrompt now supports three authenticator types now, with different levels of granularity and is easier to integrate within app architecture.
  • Platform Hardening – Protection of security-critical components has been increased. New heap pointer tagging for catching memory issues.
  • ID Storage – Support for the secure storage and retrieval of ID documents, such as mobile driving licenses.

Android 11 will also feature a BlobstoreManager, which will allow apps to share data more securely.

6. New Improvements for Updates

Google is prioritizing app compatibility as they roll out new platform versions in an effort to reach more devices more quickly with updates.

“In Android 11 we’ve added new processes, developer tools, and release milestones to minimize the impact of platform updates,” Google says.

Other New Features:

APIs that improve call-screening application functionality, native Wi-Fi suggestions, native image decoding, camera bokeh modes as well as changes in MediaCodec which will reduce video latency to improve game-streaming experience or streaming of other media, are also expected.

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