Good call with the Africa move – Alcatel One Touch

Management at global tablet and smartphone manufacturer Alcatel One Touch is pleased with the company’s efforts to engage the Africa market over the last twelve months.

Management at Alcatel One Touch is pleased with the company's achievements in Africa since rejoining the market in 2010. (Image: Google/

South African branch manager Ernst Whittman said that “since the official re-entry of Alcatel One Touch into South Africa and Africa in 2010, the area has seen rapid growth.”

Whittman singled out East African countries as being a major part of their efforts to increase their market footprint on the continent.

He added that “with great success coming from Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique,” the company has moved forward faster than they had initially projected.

It said that they now have 60 percent market share in Mozambique’s top telecom operator and hopes to continue to see “exponential growth in the smartphone category in Kenya.”

Whittman also said that in South Africa, the maker partnered “with MTN and Vodacom, which sold over 600 000 devices through their channels in 2012.”

He attributed the positive success to its devices to the Android for All Campaign, which it launched in 2012.

Wittmann said the campaign “has spread into Africa, where some countries have seen sales in excess of 100 000 Android smartphones per month in the last quarter of 2012.”

David Eto