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Want to know what’s draining your battery?

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According to the BBC, Recent research shows that three quarters of your battery power is used for uploading advertisements and tracking user data on unpaid apps .

Recent research indicates where your battery life goes. (image:

Purdue University computer scientist Abhinav Pathak in Indiana, USA and his colleagues made these findings after developing an app analysing smartphone battery usage.

They looked at popular apps such as Angry Birds, Free Chess and NYTimes, discovering that only 10-30% of the energy was used to power core applications. The rest of the battery was drained by other functions such as loading user data and advertisements.

In running Angry Birds, only 20% of the battery was used to run the game itself. Some 45% of the battery went towards finding and uploading users’s locations via GPS to enable advertising for geographically targeted audiences.

After 3G connections sent data through, the connections remain active for around 10 seconds. Once all data has been sent, 3G leaves on a so-called “tail energy” connection consuming 28% of the phone’s battery.

Pathak says ineffective third-party coding used by developers to generate a profit is to blame.

Due to restrictions on the operating system Pathak and his team could not run tests on Apple’s iPhone, resorting only to Android based handsets.

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