Monday, April 15, 2024
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NGO builds three ICT centres in Northern Ghana

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A non-governmental organisation in Ghana, CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education), is currently building three ultra-modern Information Communication Technology (ICT) centres, backed by Google’s Cooperate Giving Council.

Three ICT centres are currently under construction in Ghana to build knowledge and help communities. (image:

Construction is currently underway in the Nanumba North (Bimbilla), Mamprusi East (Gambaga) and Gushegu districts in the Northern region. The Bimbila ICT centre has been completed and commissioned. Construction will wrap up in the coming months the organisation promised.

Deputy Communication’s Minister Ernest Atokwei Armah, last week encouraged students in the area at the launch to use the centre to gain ICT knowledge. “Every child everywhere in this world is expected to get a very good background in ICT. So to speak to a child in Accra, Bimbilla or anywhere in Ghana [they] should know what ICT is, so they will be able to chat and communicate,” he said.

Armah emphasized the need for Bimbilla township farmers and businessmen to support the centre, as it is their best means for online transactions. He further stated: “ICT can allow our farmers to communicate with the outside world to know good prices for their commodities.”

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