Monday, July 22, 2024
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Nigerian Defence saddling up ICT

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Federal government public enterprise Galaxy Backbone is collaborating with the Nigerian Defence Headquarters to host an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) forum next week. The forum will be held on 15 March in the capital Abuja.

Defence Minister Adetokunbo Kayode, is set to a special guest of honour at the Nigerian Defence Ministry's ICT forum next week. (image:

Gerald Ilukwe, Galaxy Backbone Managing Director, said the forum is a Stakeholders’ Awareness Series (SAS) discussing how stakeholders in the defence, intelligence and security sectors could leverage ICT benefits to handle current challenges.

“The forum is particularly pertinent given the current national security situation and the general acceptance that ICTs will play a vital role in addressing such challenges,” Ilukwe said.

He added the country should conduct more conflict prevention operations via counter-terrorist strategies to international peacekeeping.

Defence Minister Adetokunbo Kayode, and Minister of Communications and Technology, Omobola Johnson, will both attend as guests of honour.

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  1. Nigeria is under policed with just three hundred thousand police protecting about two hundred million people in nigeria, security force in nigeria both the military and the police should be raised up to twenty million. With about five hundred and fifty security personel posted in each of the 36 states of the federation. This number shal be enough to be scartered across streets, markets, hospitals, prisons, ministeries n other areas in both rural and urban centers. Then the ICT will work. We have the resources to pay thos that will be recruited insted of wasting money on invisible security.

  2. Nigerian should check the corruption in the arm force, it affecting their personnel, and it also affecting their moral to deliver the country, (1)are they getting the real amount of their salary, what off entitlement, allowances, all this thing should be properly check.(2)is the job have assurance or not (3)what off if I die today in the process of delivering they country, what happen to my family.(4) look back and see what other family that lose their parent, are passing through.(6) no personnel in they arm force that want to lose his live and let his family suffer. Because of the situation of the country.

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