Xbox Live: New player every two seconds

With more games involving a multiplayer element, it really comes as no surprise that the number of online players has seen a significant increase.

A snapshot of the new Xbox360 dashboard, which integrates Xbox Live (image: digital trends)

Head of marketing for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Robin Burrowes told a delegation at the London Games Conference that Xbox signs up a new Xbox Live player every two seconds. He demonstrated that in 2002 the service only had 55 000 active players, but that number shot up to 35-million in just eight years.

While referring specifically to the UK, Burrowes added that the inclusion of the Sky Player, Facebook and Twitter into the dashboard in 2009, as well as the launch of Modern Warfare 2, helped boost the active users to 20 million from the previous year.

Citing the launch of the hands-free Kinect peripheral, Burrowes added that consoles have become more than just videogame devices. “We know already that users are resonating with the fact that the games console goes beyond its usual remit,” he said.

“The launch of the Kinect in 2010 meanwhile meant that Xbox Live customers grew by another 15 million. He also gave statistics that stated more than 75 per cent of European console owners watch DVDs or Blu-ray on their consoles, while 72 per cent download content,” website Develop wrote.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor