Limbo attracts 1-million players

Independent game development studio Playdead has announced that its award-winning puzzle-platforming adventure Limbo has now sold over one million copies worldwide – played by gamers in 153 countries in nine languages across three platforms.

PlayDead Games' Limbo (image: PlayDead)

This success has enabled Playdead to expand its independence by fully acquiring the company from early investors, laying the groundwork for the studio to begin developing and financing their next title.

“With the success that LIMBO has achieved, we felt this was the ideal time to fully regain our independence,” explained Dino Patti, Playdead CEO. “We are grateful to everyone who supported us over the past few years, and look forward to forging new partnerships that will both let us reach new heights as a studio and give our director, Arnt Jensen, room to grow creatively.”

Hot on the heels of this milestone, Playdead also announced that a Mac version of Limbo is in the works and will be released before the end of the year.

Staff writer