Uganda receives 4G technology

Israeli Internet service provider Foris Telecom has deployed 4G technology in Uganda to offer mobile wireless broadband in the country.

Being a new player in the market, Foris Telecom plans to use the new technology to provide affordable internet connections to Ugandans, noted the country’s publication The Observer.

Moshe Mitz, CEO of Foris Telecoms, said the main focus would be on the residential market and student communities, with Internet speeds as high as 256 kpbs, incorporating data transmission.

“The 256kps speed should not be reserved for only companies and moreover as shared, Foris is offering this to individual entities at a price affordable to every household”, commented Wilson Agaba, Marketing and Sales Manager at Foris.

The 256 kps speed is twice as much what most companies have at their work places, he added and that Foris is not going to be just an internet service provider like their competitors but rather a solutions provider.

Agaba added that the new technology would boost speed and quality of broadband services in Uganda.

“It is a simple technology that does not require our new customers to come to our office. We shall establish sales points near residential homes and disburse a good number of sales personnel into the market to take the service to our individual customers”, he concluded.

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