Glo to activate second fiber optic cable by July


Mike Adenuga, Globacom CEO
Globacom will activate a second fibre optic cable by July this year.

According to Umar Alhassan, Director of IT Enabled Services (ITES), the activation of the undersea cable would create internet redundancy, leading to the entry of more Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) companies into Ghana, writes

Last year, he noted, a number of BPO companies had to leave the country as a result of the lack of internet redundancy in the country. Besides redundancy, ITES cited a reduction in internet service rates and more competition on Ghana’s ICT market as long-term benefits of the move.

Globacom, one of the leading mobile service providers in Nigeria, also operates in the Republic of Benin, Ghana and Cote d’Ívoire. The first optic cable activated by Glo is currently operated by Vodafone Ghana.


  1. Glo has never activated any fiber for Vodafone Ghana to operate. Vodafone Ghana has its own undersea cable, SAT3 that it terminated and is operating!
    Why will Glo lie to their customers?

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