Monday, July 15, 2024
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Intel unveils next generation chipsets and processors

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Intel launched today its all new 2010 Intel Core family of processors at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, taking personal computing to higher levels with its smart technology chipsets and processors. More than 25 Intel Core chipsets and processors for PCs, laptops and embedded services were exposed during the launch.

The new generation Intel Core range goes beyond personal computing, also addressing bank ATMs, travel ticket kiosks and self check-out machines, digital ads and signs and medical equipment communications gear.

This time, Intel relies on Intel Turbo Boost Technology for laptop and PC, which dynamically adjust its performance to the individual’s workload, allowing for much more efficient use of the processor.

“It literally boosts your processor’s performance when certain computer software needs it most. The Intel Smart Cache has an integrated memory controller which allows for more efficient data storage. We are also seeing much greater performance and improved battery life,” explained Videsha Proothverajh, Country Manager of Intel South Africa.

Also, the Intel Hyper-Threading technology delivers the ability to do multiple things at once on one computer, ideal for multi-taskers requiring a number of applications at one time.

According to Proothverajh, the 2010 Intel Core family delivers more than traditional technologies, expanding its computing capabilities to nearly every kind of electronic device from netbooks, smartphones, consumer electronics devices and connected embedded technology (ATMs).

Intel is a world leader in silicon innovation, developing technologies, products and initiatives to continually push the boundaries of every day technologies.


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