Software piracy in Zimbabwe, highest in Sub-Saharan Africa


The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has revealed that software piracy on personal computers (PC) in Zimbabwe is the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Half of the 110 countries studied, according to BSA, saw piracy rates drop while only 15% increased.
The report also revealed that industry losses due to software piracy in Nigeria rose to USD132 million in 2008.

In sub_Saharan Africa instance, according to BSA, the highest_piracy countries were Zimbabwe 92% Cameroon 83% and Nigeria 83%. Among the lowest_piracy countries were Reunion- 40%, Mauritius- 57% and Senegal-79%.
The sixth annual global PC software piracy study released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), an international association representing the global software industry covering 110 countries was conducted independently.

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