Zain MD Meza gives thumps up to Kenyan government

Zain_Kenya_CEO.jpgZAIN Managing Director Rene Meza has lauded the Finance Minister Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta ’s move to lower the cost of owning infrastructure by increasing the wear and tear allowance on telecommunication equipment from 12.5% to 20%, terming it as an incentive that will encourage investments as investors will able to depreciate their assets at a higher rate.

“This is a step in the right direction for the telecommunications industry,it will help boost our ultra low cost handsets rollout since we may not need to heavily subsidise low cost handsets aimed at low income users,” he said.
The telecommunications sector has seen a provision which will see players in the telecoms sector now offset their taxable income against the incurred purchasing fibre optic bandwidth for over 20 years.

This will encourage them to actively consider the fibre option and extend the benefits that come with increased band width.