Interest in SA mobile market grows.

rim.jpgIn the latest of a string of international mobile content deals, one of Europe’s most successful wireless application service providers, Mobileview, has partnered with South Africa’s Strike Media to offer mobile services and network integration in the local market.

Mobileview provides mobile applications, payment solutions and messaging connectivity to about 30 countries. As a technology provider, it enables content providers to distribute and bill their content.

Whenever Mobileview enters a new market it says it must decide between connecting directly to local network operators and finding a local partner. In the case of South Africa, says Mobileview’s head of development and product management Christian Capelle, the choice was clear: “Strike Media provides the best support, technological infrastructure and network operator relations locally. This is exactly what our customers expect from us”.

“South Africa is a very interesting and mature mobile market,” says Strike Media’s Russel Stromin. “Mobileview hasn’t yet delivered services into South Africa, but they see the size and significance of this market as an opportunity to help their customers expand their business. They needed a partner that was able to deliver a proven technological platform, as well as knowing the local market and being able to supply excellent service.”

The move marks increasing interest in the South African mobile market from global players. Strike Media recently launched a news service from Al Jazeera and a partnership with Russia’s Dynamic Pixels to distribute the popular Aquaphone mobile game. Strike is also in the process of concluding negotiations with another large EU-based content provider.