SA ICT workers approve of new president and cabinet

May 15, 2009 • Mobile and Telecoms, People

jacob_zuma.jpgSouth Africa’a Communication Workers Union (CWU), representing labour in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, have responded positively to the election of President Jacob Zuma to the highest office in the land, as well as to the make-up of his new cabinet.

The union also welcomed the appointment of Siphiwe Nyanda as the new minister of Communications, saying it hopes the move would revitalize the sector.

Says CWU secretary general, Gallant Roberts: “Communication Workers Union congratulates the President of the Republic of South Africa; Comrade Jacob Zuma on his inauguration on the 09th May 2009. We also wish to extend congratulations to the President Zuma’s Cabinet Ministers, whom we believe are capable man and woman drawn from the very core and fibre of our society to take South Africa to greater heights,”

“Communication Workers Union is particularly delighted about the appointment of the Minister of Communication and his Deputy. These appointments have bolstered our confidence and we are optimistic that working together with the ministry, indeed we can do better in the interest of workers in the ICT sector and the South African society in general.”

Nyanda was appointed the new minister in the new cabinet this past weekend.



One Response to SA ICT workers approve of new president and cabinet

  1. David says:

    Smart ID cards goes hand in hand with a healthy National ICT infrastructure, which is a luxury in SA and the world. One Smart card for all, Id and Education and Health and…. Before losing more Sate Billions on something that is currently not in existence in the world, take a reality check on the world ICT (e-Government). Maybe being wakeup will spare SA humiliation regarding the most expensive ICT disaster in South Africans history, as many other SA ICT projects already added to this disaster list.

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