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Nigerian telecom operators risk losing millions

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mike_adenuga_globacom.jpgAccording to a new study, The Nigerian mobile telecoms industry is at risk of losing customers and revenue worth an estimated US$350 if it does not improve customer service.

This is according to a survey conducted by LogicaCMG, which says that the mobile operators could lose up to a third of their customers.

LogicaCMG said in its quality of service report that, “as much as 28 percent of these unhappy customers will contact their service provider before potentially taken steps to leave. This will represent a further burden on network call centre services, which in turn need to focus on service excellence to stern additional customer churn.”

The results of the survey comes a few weeks after a report from the third Global CDMA Operation and Development Forum, which disclosed that Nigerian GSM subscribers suffer quality of service issues because the big operators commit an inadequate portion of their revenue to network expansion.

It said operators only spend a relatively marginal part of their revenue om infrastructure, which means subscribers in the fast-growth market suffers prevalent network congestions.

The mobile telecom market in Nigeria is 99% pre-paid and has a very high churn rate.


  1. This is the real fact not only peculiar to Nigeria. This is common factors for most of the Big operators. Once they grown, they never bothered about customers.

  2. of a truth, l would rate telecom operators low on customers satisfaction. Recently, l wanted to place a personal call, l got MTN card of 750, but to my suprise l couldn’t load due to network congestion, l had to use a pay phone while the card took two days to load. This is certainly unfair and there was no apology from the service provider.

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