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Democratic Alliance wins Google vote prior to SA elections

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da.jpgThe last 30 days saw a sharp increase in Google searches for political parties and oranisations in South Africa.

In the final days before the country’s national and provincial elections taking place tomorrow (22 April 2009), the African National Congress (ANC), Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Congress of the People (COPE) have been the parties generating the most search interest and traffic according to statistics on

Although the DA has been the most searched-for party on the Google, there has been a sharp increase in interest for the ANC over the last 7 day period, propelling them into a close second place, followed by COPE in third.

However, South African internet users seem much more interested in sport than politics, with Google searches for the Indian Pemier League (IPL) cricket tournament recently relocated to South Africa from India, exceeding those for all the political parties combined.

The IPL cricket has seen a steady increase in searches since the announcement that the event will take place in South Africa, with search queries rising by 400% in the week of 11th – 18th of April.

Searches for IEC rose by 488% in the last week, whereas searches for voting rose by 355% over four days in April (12 – 15 April).


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