Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Psitek launches GPRS-based point-of-sales terminal

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Now available in South Africa is Timpa, Psitek’s first dedicated point-of-sales (POS) terminal. It works
wirelessly via GPRS with a SIM card, and features a built-in antenna and printer as well as a rechargeable battery. This makes Timpa a truly portable all-in-one POS terminal.

Psitek develops solutions using cellular and wireless technologies to provide access to voice and data services to people in under-serviced areas.
Timpa is a robust and reliable counter-top device that is easy to use and, with its intuitive menus, quickly guides the vendor through the transaction. It runs off mains or an internal rechargeable battery, minimising downtime and loss of sales. It features an in-built printer, which minimises infrastructure costs, allowing vouchers to be printed quickly and clearly. Timpa’s interface is similar to the familiar and proven user interfaces of Psitek’s successful
payphones, such as the Adondo and Jembi.

In South Africa, Timpa also forms an integral part of Psitek’s end-to-end content and data services solution, Kazang, which provides quick and easy access to prepaid services. “As Timpa is customised
for the selling of electronic services such as prepaid airtime and electricity, we expect it to rapidly become the new top-of-the-notch terminal for Kazang”, comments Ian Harrison, CEO of Psitek South

Launched over a year ago, Kazang is a solution that takes electronic prepaid services to under-serviced areas in South Africa. It is fast making its mark in the country at outlets such as township spaza or tuck shops, phone shops or retail centres. Kazang adds tremendous
value to these businesses as it brings additional income, and because it encourages more customer traffic through outlet doors.

All Timpa customers enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive one year warranty, as well as after-sales support wherever they are based.


  1. How much are the units ?
    Where can I get a superdealer in eastern cape?
    How much profit can a unit make when workin sufficiently?
    How much percentage on airtime?
    How much a unit?

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