AccessKenya Purchases Satori Solutions

AccessKenya Group, Kenya ’s first publicly listed ICT company and leading Corporate Internet Service Provider, today announced that it has completed the purchase of the business and assets of Satori Solutions, a mid sized “Virtual ISP” serving primarily Small Office, Home Office (“ SoHo ”) customers.

As part of the transaction, AccessKenya will take over the provision of service and management of approximately 125 corporate / SoHo clients, together with some associated assets. Furthermore, the management of Satori have signed a “super dealership” agreement whereby they will become one of AccessKenya’s master dealers in promoting the sale of the Group’s new “ SoHo ” service which is focused on the small office, home office market.

“We are delighted to announce the completion of the acquisition of Satori’s business. commented Kris Senanu, Managing Director, AccessKenya. The first part of the agreement deals with the migration of approximately 125 customers who will join our existing customers in being offered the highest levels of guaranteed speed and a full Service Level Agreement on their internet connection for the most affordable price.”

“Secondly, as part of the transaction, the management and sales staff of Satori will complement our existing sales team in promoting our new “ SoHo ” product. This highly affordable solution which offers a guaranteed 128k download speed will give customers an excellent browsing experience and is specifically targeted at the smaller office segment of the market. Most of our competitors are offering these sorts of customers not more than a 32k shared speed service and we are pleased that our economies of scale allow us to now offer full 128k broadband. In line with our stated goals of continuing to increase the speed and value for money of our clients’ offerings,” continued Senanu.

Charles Njithi, Managing Director of Satori Solutions said “We are very excited about this opportunity to work with a partner who has an established name and product range in our market. This sale to Access Kenya also leaves us with the room we require to drive SoHo sales, an area we have good and pertinent experience in.”

AccessKenya’s new SoHo solution offers clients a guaranteed 128k download speed. Once international fibre arrives later this year, customers purchasing this entry level solution, together with the entire customer base of AccessKenya, will benefit from significantly higher speeds approaching the sort of broadband enjoyed by companies in Europe and North America .