AccessKenya Group Breaks Ground in Nairobi

February 6, 2009 • Mobile and Telecoms

AccessKenya Group Breaks Ground in Nairobi with the first phase of its metropolitan fibre network –
AccessKenya, Kenya’s first publicly listed ICT company and leading Corporate Internet Service Provider, today announced that its chosen contractors have broken ground and started digging what will be the largest IP based fibre network in Kenya.

AccessKenya have chosen Enterprise Génèrale Malta Forrest (EGMF), a well established contractor and engineering company to manage the digging and laying of the physical infrastructure for the fibre network. EGMF have been involved in numerous fibre networks both in metropolitan areas as well as nationally around Kenya.

The project will be Kenya’s first completely IP based fibre network and the contracted phase will cover approximately 250 buildings right across Nairobi from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Dagoretti Corner and covering out to Gigiri as well as covering all major commercial areas of the Central Business District, Upper Hill and Westlands.

“We are delighted to announce that work has started on our metro – fibre network which we expect to be completed at the same time that the first of our two international fibre connections become fully operational in the middle of this year. Our network will cover a large number of the biggest buildings in Nairobi and will allow us to deliver high broadband speeds to our corporate customers once the international fibre arrives.” commented Jonathan Somen, Group Managing Director.

“Furthermore, we can confirm that our network will be the first pure IP fibre network in Kenya. The massive explosion of IP based services including the fact that the internet runs on IP technology helped us to decide that deploying an IP fibre network will ensure we deploy the technology of choice for the future. Having an IP based network will allow us to offer more capacity at the most attractive prices, as well as having more flexibility in offering value added services and other features across the fibre. All in all, this latest network expansion will further cement our position as the leading provider of data services in Kenya.” continued Somen.

AccessKenya already have the largest Wi-Max network in Kenya, as well as a long established Motorola wireless network that has approximately 3,000 square kilometers of coverage. The metro – fibre will give the Group the ability to offer significantly higher speeds to customers across fibre when the international fibre lands, as well as giving the Group access to a new range of customers who currently have limited choice for purchasing local links whether on fibre or wireless.



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